Keys To Youthful Eyes

Key Steps To Youthful Looking Eyes

The skin around the eyes is especially tender and calls for specific care. There are key things you can do to help prevent wrinkling, dark circles or puffiness and help regain a youthful appearance.

Tips For Keeping Eyes Looking Youthful:

  • Eye Makeup Remover –No matter how sleepy you are or how much waterproof, long-lasting, smudge-free eyeliner you have on, don’t rub your eyes. Rubbing eye make up off can worsen crow’s feet over time. Make sure to use a good quality eye makeup remover and don’t rub!
  • Eye Cream/Balm – Investing in a good quality eye cream is well worth the money. They can do wonders do plump up your skin and help reduce fine lines.
  • Eye Drops – Keep your eyes bright and detract from dark circles
  • Eye Mask – Also great for reducing swelling and eliminating dark circles
  • Retinols At Night -Night is the time to fight aging with retinoids.These vitamin-A derivatives—often called retinol on product packaging—do a serious number on lines and wrinkles, boosting collagen and elastin, as well as helping to minimize dark spots.
  • Concealer – Use a concealer that’s slightly lighter and warmer than your skin can correct discoloration, illuminate, and make eyes appear bigger
  • Sunscreen – Make sure you use at least SPF 30 and best that it is especially formulated for your face/eyes.
  • Big Sunglasses – Wear wide, UV-protective sunglasses: They’ll add another layer of defense and keep you from squinting, which is just one of the many causes of crow’s-feet.
  • A Little Botox Won’t Hurt – Its amazing how fast it helps in eliminating crow’s feet
  • Watch Your Salt, Sugar and Alcohol
  • Stay Hydrated 
  • Get Your Z’s

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